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Why I Like the 6-12-25 Protocol by Poliquin.

Many clients come to me with a goal of building muscle and losing fat. Initially I take them through a prep phase and a hypertrophy phase, each phase is performed for 3 to 4 weeks. We follow that with the Advanced German Body Composition by Charles Poliquin. The results have been great. Not only does the Advanced GBC lead to fat loss, but it is also quite effective in growing muscle and developing muscular endurance. The 6-12-25 drop set rep scheme includes rep ranges that vary from relative strength, to hypertrophy, and finally to muscle endurance.


Bench spot 3


Weight/load selection is important for this protocol. You must choose weights that accurately reflect your 6RM of an exercise, your 12RM, and your 25RM. To execute this strategy you need to select a load that will challenge you to get 6 reps with good form at a 40X0 tempo (lowering phase is 4 seconds, no pause, raising phase quickly as possible, no pause, repeat). Take that load and cut it in half. Use this new load to perform 12 reps of the same movement with as little rest as possible at a 20X0 tempo. After that set is complete, cut the load that you did for 12 reps in half once again and attempt to finish 25 reps with it at a 10X0 tempo.

For the first 3 weeks perform 3 sets for each body part. Progress to 4 sets after 3 weeks. The prescribed rest is 10 seconds between the movements and 2 minutes between each set. The cycle is meant to be performed 6 times. Doing it longer will hinder your results.




The prescribed training split is as follows:

Day One: Chest and Back
Day Two: Legs
Day Three: Off
Day Four: Shoulders and Arms
Day Five: Off


This protocol applies to the latest sports medicine research to build muscle strength, size and endurance at the same time. It also applies practical knowledge gained from cross training methods, such as CrossFit, to develop a well-rounded fitness. Intense, short workouts build fitness quickly and effectively. The high-weight, low-rep sets overload the nervous system, which trains motor units to respond quickly and explosively. Sets using less weight and more reps stress muscle metabolism, which accelerates muscle protein synthesis and growth.


Example of a workout routine:

Chest & Back

A1. 6 Incline Dumbbell Bench Press at 45 degree @40X0
rest 10 seconds
A2. 12 Flat Barbell Bench Press @20X0
rest 10 seconds
A3. 25 Incline Dumbbell Bench Presses at 30 degree
rest 2 minutes
3 sets

B1. 6 Lat Cable Pull Down @40X0
rest 10 seconds
B2. 12 Single Arm Dumbbell Row @20X0 (each)
rest 10 seconds
B3. 25 Cable Row
rest 2minutes
3 sets


Shayan Vaghayenegar

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